Game Trailer and Poster

Bring on the feels! Here’s the very first trailer of Everend.

Our very talented artists Hue Vang and Mitch Clayton created this amazing cinematic and are currently making the final 3D rendered version.


This opening cinematic help players immerse into Kaia’s world. It gives an understanding of what is happening to Kaia and how the owl will progress throughout the game.

The beautiful scene really lets the viewer become engrossed in the story and create an initial bond with the protagonist. Right from the start, players can become entranced in the deep atmospheric cave system

Cinematic Storyboard:

pic2 pic3

Here are some great shots of our new cinematic!



Take a look at this excellent poster created by our outstanding artist and PR manager Megan Daniels!


We showed both the Game Trailer and our Poster off at UW-Stout’s Game Launch on December 9th.


The purpose of the Game Launch for some is to finally show off their finished games to their friends and the public. For others, it is an opportunity to present what they are planning to unveil in the future and show their current progress. The Game Launch has really changed over the past few years when we started. In the beginning there would be roughly 30 tables with several new games being shown off. And now we fill massive rooms with several hundred people showing off all the games that they have made over the semester, and even more coming to check them out! The event is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to see what is happening in the Game Design program.








Passerby’s checking out or website and trailer at the Game Launch.

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